Our Volunteers/Donors

We would like to recognise the efforts and commitment of those who have been active volunteers of SF during 2018/2019 in its various activities. In particular, we would like to mention the names of the following volunteers:

  • Sarla Bhan
  • Saroj Dhar
  • Usha Coobal
  • Shushee Bhatt
  • Pooja Raina
  • Manju Bhatt
  • Usha Shankar
  • Vishal Bhagati

We would like to thank them all from the bottom of our hearts for their services as active volunteers!

May God always bless them and their families with good health and happiness!

Apart from the above active volunteers, we would also like to thank all the other volunteers especially those who participated and contributed to our successful Daily Bread Food Bank charity event. We thank them whole-heatedly from the bottom of our hearts for their efforts and contributions!

And among Donors we would like to place on record the special donation made by the Sunderkand Group of Ladies during 2018 for Sharika Foundation.